The project seeks to foster and encourage advocacy for gender equality by the use of media and by training youth workers on how they can better report, show case and promote gender equality through the biggest mediums and communication channels. Our project shall address gender as an equality issue, with positive approach to diminish the negative stereotypes and discrimination related to sex and/or gender and promote ethical media conduct in portraying gender issues.


The main aim of the project is to train youth workers, youth leaders and young people advocate and report gender issues in the media, while raising awareness of the public on the importance of gender roles as seen and portrayed in the mass media. At same time the project seeks to produce a handbook that shall serve as tool for any youth worker of any field to take into consideration while reporting their activities in media. This will sever as a toll of tips and tricks how to better connect with media and report ethically and equally the gender based issues.


  • Train youth workers/leaders and young people on how to better report gender equality in the media, as well as fight the gender stereotypes and portrayed by various mediums.
  • Support and improve skills of youth workers by giving them practical and professional skills in various type of media approaches (written, audio, visual, photo etc).
  • Increase the awareness about importance of gendered media and societies;
  • Analyze existing cases and design a structured strategy on how to report youth work, gender mainstreaming and gender culture in the media;
  • Foster the participation of youth workers in taking role of media advocates and ensure ethical conduct in the media world.
  • Promote the Erasmus + YiA Programme as a strong tool for promoting gender issues through media
  • Create an effective practice that can be used by all the partner promoters and the wider networks.

Composed of a set of 3 activities the project in itself comes as a full package where participants will be able to improve existing skills and gain new ones.

Through the planned workshops of each three activities the following skills, knowledge and attitudes are to be gained:

  • Improved understanding of gender issues, gender equality and mainstreaming.
  • Acquiring skills and knowledge on how to better portray gender issues in the media, being that visual, written, printed or social media.
  • Foster attitudes in ethical conduct in media in terms of promotion of gender equality as human rights issue.
  • Exploring legal tools and frameworks to promote equality through media and communication strategies for each association
  • Improving skills in reporting activities on various media
  • Gaining more professional skills in journalism field and how to better write articles related to gender
  • Support self-development of participants though learning by doing, reflective learning and learner centered approach.
  • Interpersonal skills and attitudes fostered and practiced in a safe learning space
  • Improved team work skills and leadership attitudes in multicultural environment
  • Practicing and improving communication skills
  • Basic skills in video making and photo reporting related to gender equality.


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