Eco Habits That Can Be Harmful To The Environment

“Eco” habits that can be harmful to the environment

Many of us, in an effort to reduce environmental pollution, sometimes make mistakes and additional damage that we are unaware of. Here are some habits that many think are good for the environment but are not.

Wrong recycling

Waste recycling is good, but many make mistakes while recycling. Some of these errors are leaving food in recyclable containers, recycling all kinds of plastic, even non-recyclable plastic, and disposing of containers that contain plastic and other materials in plastic waste.

Paper coffee cups

Most paper cups used for coffee are not only made of paper, but also wrapped in plastic material. They cannot be recycled due to the plastic material.

Unnecessary shopping

Recycling is only one part of a sustainable lifestyle. To live sustainably, you need to buy fewer things and use the old things you own more often, including dishes and clothes.

Paper bags

Paper decomposes faster than plastic, but the problem with the production of paper bags is that the process itself releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than when producing plastic bags. In addition, more wood is cut during paper production.

Buying items that are good for the environment

Inspired to make a difference, you may want to go and buy eco-friendly items instead of continuing to use the ones you have. The reality is that you will buy new items before you need them, and so you do not lead a sustainable lifestyle. 

Plastic plants

Many choose to buy plastic plants to save water. But this is a mistake, according to experts. Plastic plants save water, but they are plastic, and plastic is bad for the environment because it decomposes slowly. In addition, plastic has no environmental benefits, while living plants help purify the air of carbon dioxide.

Using biodegradable waste bags

Using biodegradable bags to collect dog litter and similar waste can be harmful to the environment because not all biodegradable bags decompose in all conditions and on any soil.

Buying organic food and clothing

Organic clothing and organic food are not always positive for the environment. As mentioned, buying new things is not recommended unless you really need new clothes or a new item. Thus, it is more recommended to buy already worn clothes.

When it comes to organic food, eating organic nuts from Brazil sounds healthy, but if you don’t live in Brazil, then they should be transferred to your place of residence, which releases carbon dioxide. It is better to eat local food purchased at local markets.

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