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Youth workers supporters and activists from 7 countries gathered in Struga to work on the topic of Human Rights!

It’s the few days after the seminar Advocacy for human rights: share to change which is held in Struga, North Macedonia from 02-09 July, 2019. 41 person were gathered here and is passionately learning and working on the topic of human rights but also building their skills and knowledge on the topic of social media and building campaigns.

Main goal of the project ‘Advocacy for Human Rights: Share to Change” is to increase competencies of the partners to create and to run effective campaigns and to raise awareness on actual human rights in their communities. This project has been co-founded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Action KA2 programme. It gathered participant from North Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Albania, Estonia and Turkey who shared their experience on the topic but also got inspiration and motivation from others.

Today the participant are finalizing their planning of campaigns and working on the plan for capacity building activities (workshops and events) which will be implemented after the finish of the seminar, in their own communities.

This amazing group is improving their presentation skills, planning skills but also enjoying last days in Struga, wher we have an amazing weather and environment.

We are excited to hear all the presentations but also the implementation of the same.

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