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Here we are – ecopreneurs!

The Erasmus+ Ecopreneurship project was undeniably a win for all of the participants. When it comes to the factors that were essential to the success of the project, there are some aspects that need to be taken into account, such as the structure that it was given, the environment-related and business concepts that were introduced, and the unique approach towards the acquisition of eco-knowledge, but most importantly, the effort of the coordinators, and not to forget, the willingness of the participants to make the best out of this incredible opportunity.

First of all, we all know that the emphasis was put on numerous eco issues our planet is facing nowadays. Although the majority of people have already heard about most of them, reality shows that only a minority of them take the initiative to contribute to a better and a cleaner planet in any way. We broadened our knowledge in crucial topics such as air and water pollution, energy waste, wrong trash segregation, overconsumption etc. This may seem like a laborious task for many citizens, something that is hard to understand, thus hard to eliminate. Our experience just goes to show that this field is incredibly interesting and even easy to dive into when you have enough interest. That said, caring for the planet will definitely become a second name for us all.

Apart from the eco-friendly side of this project, we should also mention its other key topic: entrepreneurship. We have got to gain new skills and acquire knowledge about some marketing concepts such as Design Thinking, SMART approach, SWOT analysis and many more. In fact, there were some participants that actually work or study in this field, and they showed us how much it means to them by preparing extra presentations and sessions linked to marketing. These talented and insightful people showed us many sides of the marketing spectrum: the hard task entrepreneurs have to do, meet the customers’ needs in the best and most effective way possible, employing specialists so that everything goes as planned. Now, after having finished this project, we are full of ideas and knowledge. We can draw comparisons between different brands and their policies.

The connection we built, our team spirit, and all of the incredible emotions we got to experience made this adventure something we will never forget!

To sum up, everything about this project was thought through to the smallest detail. We are absolutely thankful. And don’t forget that the sky’s the limit!

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