Youth Exchange ‘Global Impact 4 Sustainability’ 25.09 – 03.10 2021


The youth exchange ‘Global Impact 4 Sustainability’ was implemented with an idea to give the participants an opportunity for intercultural learning on a sustainability topic connecting peers from different countries and cultures. On 25th of September 2021 participants coming from the United Kingdom, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Germany, Spain and Greece gathered together in Struga North Macedonia. They participated this youth exchange and widened their knowledge about the SDGs and environmentally friendly behavior.

During the youth exchange participants took part in various interactive presentations, creative workshops, open discussions and debates. Except from gaining knowledge about the SDGs they raised their competencies and soft skills as presentation skills, leadership, team work, skills for intercultural communication and made friends. During the workshops they created series of short videos which were shared to young people through social media and different web platforms.

Participants of the youth exchange will take back home fun memories, experiences and knowledge.

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