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Teodora Dencic, Pozarevac
I think I really necessary to make people more aware of the importance of healthy living and this is probably a best way. By being a part of this project young people are having a chance to improve their lifestyle and share it with others so together, we can make a change. As we work on that problem, we also meet people from different countries and learn from their culture, having a great time together.
Danilo Jovanovic
I wanted to participate in this program because in the place where I live in (Cacak) I don’t have a chance to participate in this kind of activities and meet other open minded people on topics such as healthy life style.
Clirim Xhemaili, Presevo
As a student coming from a middle-class Balkan family that live in rural area and have less opportunities I could say that project like these ones in Erasmus give people hope, offer a possibility to gain more skills, knowledge and experience that I can implement in my society. Erasmus plus projects are an escape and a help for people with bright vision that live in rural areas, to improve themselves and grow up professionally.
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