Youth workers alliance is a non-profit and non-government organisation founded in 2015 in Vranje, Serbia by group of youth workers.

Our motto is that “We can’t build future for the youth, but we can always build youth for the future.”
Youth workers alliance Vranje is directed towards implementing youth development projects and activities, mostly focused for people in rural areas and promoting non-formal education for all youth on local, as well as on international level. All the great things are done by the youth and our organization is focused to create better opportunities for youngsters in rural areas to participate in informal meetings, youth projects as well as in other cultural and educational events and activities, in order to contribute better living conditions of young people. In this way they will respect and honor the values and norms of the civil society. Good habits formed at youth, are the ones that will make difference in the society.


– To initiate participation of young people rural areas, to be part of social activities on the international and national level.

– Building social platform which educates, informs and inspires people on internet.

– To networking with other organizations or youth group share our vision and mission to work together in youth inclusion.

– To promote integration between different ethnic groups through informal and non-formal learning on international level

– Promotion on our objectives and activities by organizing public campaigns.


Next, we are aiming to improve the quality of life for the people with fewer opportunities, to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms through enabling social inclusion and educational support, but also to provide mobility opportunities and to promote young people’s social, spiritual, cultural and educational development. What we are trying to achieve as our goal is to raise awareness about the role of youth in the society and by that to make the civil society a place where all citizens will have equal opportunities and can freely express their initiatives, individual creativity and personal responsibility.

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