Gender Through The Screen From The Youth Perspective

Gender through the screen from the youth perspective

Gender through the screen is capacity building project under Erasmus+ which aim to involve 8 youth organizations from western Balkans and EU which work in the field of the gender through the empowerment and support of youth workers. Topics to be elaborated are human rights education, gender equality, inclusion anti-discrimination, tolerance. The main aim of the project is to deeper explore the gender portrayal in order to address the most problematic issues while training youth workers, youth leaders and young people to act as advocates and reporters. The project seeks to raise awareness of the public on the importance of gender roles as seen portrayed in the mass media and the influence it has in daily lives of each of us. Erasmus+ program Gender through the Screen that took place in Durres Albania from 23rd to 30th of March gathered participants from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovakia, Estonia and Hungary to rise awareness, break stereotypes, learn by doing methods on gender issues.


Participants participated in sessions of work shops and debated, communicated shared knowledge and experience on the topic of gender issues. We have widen our knowledge on media, gender and gained communications and socializing skills, improved language, thinking outside of the box and how to be open minded, and also collected useful knowledge on different cultures, how to cooperate and work as a team, how to see a bigger picture, how to detect and point gender issues, how to present in front of other people, to shear ours and respect opinions of other people, to agree how to disagree, to listen, we learn through workshops that gender issues are deeply set into our society and discover new organizations that can help women and men work on them, we have improved our skills and knowledge and address gender education through media tools. We also were given the time to explore some of the cities and get in touch with Albanian culture.

This project has been a great opportunity for many of us to learn, shear experience and reflect. All of us brought our unique cultures and values here with us but also many things we have in common brought us closer together.


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