Youth Exchange ‘Challenge for Under Pressure Life!’ 03-12.12.2021 Zakopane Poland

This project is based on the idea that people all around the world are faced with, sometimes different, sometimes the same things that put a lot of pressure on them. We all understand that pressure is hard to deal with on our own, and people often fall under the influence of pressure. This project is focused exactly on that, on the idea to show that all of us are under certain pressures, maybe from family, maybe from friends or from people we are surrounded with, maybe from university or work, or maybe from ourselves. What is important is to know that people around you have similar things that they are fighting with and that you are not alone. Next to this, the focus is put on the idea that no matter how bad you are at some things, or you just believe you are, you can always improve yourself. Not being the best at something can make you feel alone and unworthy, what this project did was put the focus on the idea that all of us can find the ways and solutions to each problem we are facing. There is no need to isolate yourself or feel out of place when there are so many people that face similar things and can help you. Further focus was put on the idea that even if we do have some things that put pressure on us, we still can be the ones who can help others, so the session about coaching was the session that really taught us the best ways to help someone, as well as the best ways to show we care and that we are there for the people that need help. The second important session was about giving feedback and the fact that each problem, no matter how huge it seems to us at one point, can be presented in such a light that a solution can be easily found with the people you care about and that care about you. It is important to mention, as well, that people often feel bad when thinking about the future or even things happening currently, about their lives and ambitions they have set for themselves, but what we all need to do is focus on the improving part, on bettering ourselves as much as we can in order to achieve our full potentials. This project showed us that people all around the world have similar problems and we all have similar things that are pressuring us in life but it is important to understand that for each problem we can find a solution, we can find a way to deal with things instead of letting them influence our lives negatively. Next to this, this project helped us get out of our comfort zones and improve public communication, as well as provided us with the chance to talk to people who are open-minded and have a similar mindset to ours. With that being said, this was an amazing experience that we will all definitely remember for the rest of our lives.

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